Product Packaging Type Shelf Life Container
CDM CARAMEL FFSRP 14 x 200g Pack 4320 Confectionary
CAD PICNIC BAR 36 x STD Pack 3600 Confectionary
FRY'S TURKISH DELIGHT 23 Pack 6624 Confectionary
CAD WISPA 48 x SGL Pack 5184 Confectionary
CAD STARBAR 32 x 49g Pack 7560 Confectionary
CAD DOUBLE DECKER 48 x 54.5g Pack 4140 Confectionary
MAY WINE GUMS BAG 12 x 190g Pack 3312 Confectionary
CAD ECLAIRS HANDY BAG 24 x 48g Pack 5400 Confectionary
CAD CRUNCHIE ROCKS NEW 10 x 130g Pack 3240 Confectionary
CAD CARA NIBBLES BAG NEW 10 x 160g Pack 3240 Confectionary
CAD GIANT BUTTONS BAG NEW 10 x 155g Pack 3240 Confectionary
CAD BAG CHOC ECLAIRS 10 x 166g Pack 3600 Confectionary
MAY WINE GUMS ROLL 40 x STD Pack 6120 Confectionary
TREBOR SOFTMINT ROLL 40 x STD Pack 7128 Confectionary
MAYND WINE GUMS 6 x 540g Pack 2268 Confectionary
CAD ECLAIRS 6 x 420g Pack 1330 Confectionary
MAYND SPORTS MIX 6 x 460g Pack 2394 Confectionary
CAD HEROES 9 x 185g Pack 2160 Confectionary
CAD ROSES 6 x 321g Pack 2160 Confectionary
CAD HEROES 6 x 323g Pack 2160 Confectionary
CAD DRINKING CHOC GX 12 x 250g Pack 3744 Confectionary
CRUNCHIE TREATSIZE 10 x 210g Pack 1080 Confectionary
CAD BITSA WISPA NEW 10 x 110g Pack 3240 Confectionary
CAD ROSES 9 x 187g Pack 2160 Confectionary
CAD SELECTION BOX STOCKING 8 x 208g Pack 1200 Confectionary
CAD MEDIUM SELECTION BOX 8 x 180g Pack 2380 Confectionary
CAD FREDDO BOX 8 x 154g Pack 2380 Confectionary
CAD SMALL SELECTION PACK 24 x 81g Pack 1600 Confectionary
CDM ADVENT CAL XMAS 12 x 90g Pack 2000 Confectionary
CDM FREDDO FACES GIFT 5 x 175g Pack 1440 Confectionary
CDM MARVELLOUS CREATIONS GIFT 8 x 205g Pack 2240 Confectionary
CAD SNOW BITES GIFT 8 x 136g Pack 1920 Confectionary
CDM OREO GIFT 8 x 139g Pack 1280 Confectionary
CDM MINI HOLLOW SANTAS 9 x 75g Pack 3740 Confectionary
CDM HOLLOW SANTA 12 x 130g Pack 1280 Confectionary
CDM HOLLOW SANTA 18 x 60g Pack 1600 Confectionary
CAD CHOC MOUSSE SNOWMAN 33 x 30g Pack 6160 Confectionary
CAD MOUSSE SNOWMAN VAN 33 x 30g Pack 6160 Confectionary
CAD FREDDO POPPING CNDY 60 x 18g Pack 8160 Confectionary
CAD HEROES TUB 1 x 660g Pack 600 Confectionary
CAD ROSES TUB 1 x 729g Pack 7200 Confectionary
CDM WINTER WONDERLAND 20 x 100g Pack 6000 Confectionary
CAD SNOW BITES 18 x 90g Pack 6000 Confectionary
TCO BAG EXPLODING CANDY 10 x 125g Pack 4500 Confectionary
TCO BAG TOFFEE CRUNCH 10 x 125g Pack 4500 Confectionary
CAD BUTTONS TUBE XMAS 12 x 72g Pack 5920 Confectionary
FREDDO FACES TUBE 12 x 72g Pack 5920 Confectionary
BASS LIQUORICE ALLSORTS 6 x 460g Pack 2394 Confectionary
CAD MILK TRAY BOX 14 x 360g Pack 1944 Confectionary
CAD COCOA EXPORT 12 x 250g Pack 2880 Confectionary
Buttons Treatsize 12 x 170g Pack 1188 Confectionary
Caramel Nibbles Pouch 10 x 252g Pack 1232 Confectionary
Heroes Carton 9 x 185g Carton 1232 Confectionary
Roses Hazelnut Caramel Bag 10 x 92g Pack 1980 Confectionary
Roses Small Carton 9 x 187g Carton 1320 Confectionary
Wispa Bites Pouch 10 x 247g Pack 154 Confectionary
Assortment Carton Ps 6 x 486g Carton 660 Confectionary
Heroes Carton Ps 6 x 290g Carton 1320 Confectionary
Roses Carton Ps 6 x 290g Carton 1320 Confectionary
Heroes Family Bag 11 x 278g Pack 990 Confectionary
Heroes Partybag 8 x 567g Pack 693 Confectionary
Cadbury Roses Tub 1 x 660g Tub 600 Confectionary
Boost 4PK 9 x 160g Pack 2970 Confectionary
Caramel Egg 3'PK 42 x 117g Pack 1100 Confectionary
Chomp 5pk 18 x 117g Pack 3400 Confectionary
Dairy Milk Caramel 4PK 15 x 148g Pack 2860 Confectionary
Dairy Milk Oreo 4PK 13 x 164g Pack 3000 Confectionary
Double Decker 4PK 8x 4pk Pack 4340 Confectionary
Flake 4PK 20 x 80g Pack 1600 Confectionary
Fudge 5'PK 20 x 5pk Pack 2480 Confectionary
Picnic 4PK 10 x 128g Pack 4340 Confectionary
Timeout 6PK 13 x 127g Pack 2970 Confectionary
Wispa 4PK 11 x 100g Pack 3240 Confectionary
Crunchie 4Pk 10 x 4pk Pack 4340 Confectionary
Twirl 5Pk 20 x 5pk Pack 1710 Confectionary
Cadbury Chocolicious 12 x 110g Pack 2400 Confectionary
Cadbury Oreo Snowy 10 x 246g Pack 720 Confectionary
Cadbury Bournville 18 x 180g Pack 2700 Confectionary
Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel 17 x 200g Pack 2400 Confectionary
Cadbury Dairy Milk Winter Wonderland 20 x 100g Pack 3000 Confectionary
Cadbury Roses Mini Carton Ps 9 x 69g Pack 3000 Confectionary
Cadbury Roundie Milk Chocolate 5PK 14 x 150g Pack 720 Confectionary
Chocbreak Jar 12 x 400g Pack 1120 Confectionary
Oreo Hot Chocolate Jar 6 x 260g Pack 2700 Sauces
Wispa Hot Chocolate Jar 6 x 246 Pack 2700 Sauces

Cadbury is a world reknowned confectionary brand with many much loved chocolate products, such as Cadburys Dairy Milk, Flake, Twirl, Crunchie, Time Out to name but a few.  They are avaliable in bars, bags, boxes and tins.

Please see the table for full details of products and packaging available through Sutaka. Additional Sutaka has available all lines from Cadbury UK. Please contact us for further details