Product Packaging Type Shelf Life Container
Ginger Nuts 30 x 300g Pack 52 Weeks 1080 Biscuits
H/C Milk Choc Malted Milk 30 x 250g Pack 52 Weeks 1800 Biscuits
Family Favourites 12 x 550g Pack 52 Weeks 1500 Biscuits
Malted Milk 30 x 200g Pack 1680 Biscuits
Custard Creams 100% Flash 20x2x150g Pack 0 Biscuits
Digestive Bars 24 x 14pk Pack 1680 Biscuits
Digestives 20 x 400g Pack 1200 Biscuits
Hc Digestive 080214 30 x 300g Pack 1200 Biscuits
Nice Biscuits 30 x 200g Pack 1680 Biscuits
Shorties 30 x 300g Pack 900 Biscuits

When it comes to art of biscuit making, Elkes is one of the trade names in the industry, with the wide range of variety. As being renowned for the quality, biscuits become the main stay in the Great British in any age.

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