Product Packaging Type Shelf Life Container
Cream Crackers 24 x 200g Pack 1210 Biscuits
Iced Gems Multipack 16 x 6 x 25g Pack 1188 Biscuits
Club Orange SRP 30 x 8Pk Pack 2090 Biscuits
Club Orange Pmp 12 x 6Pk Pack 7260 Biscuits
Cheddars 28 x 150g Pack 1650 Biscuits
Savours Flavour Assortment 4 x 250g Pack 1870 Biscuits
Club Mint 30 x 8pk Pack 2090 Biscuits
Biscuit for Cheese Carton 24 x 250g Pack 528 Biscuits
Biscuit for Cheese Rrp 10 x 250g Pack 1320 Biscuits
Biscuit for Cheese 6 x 900g Pack 1210 Biscuits
Twiglets Antler Caddy 12 x 200g Pack 1056 Biscuits
Christmas Crakers RRP 6 x 450g Pack 1100 Biscuits
Celebration Barrel 6 x 800g Pack 924 Biscuits
Sour Cream & Chive 10 x 150g Pack 1320 Biscuits
Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar 10 x 150g Pack 1320 Biscuits
Sweet Chilli 10 x 150g Pack 1320 Biscuits
Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar 18 x 40g Pack 1980 Biscuits
Sweet Chilli 18 x 40g Pack 1980 Biscuits
Jacobs Biscuits

Using a unique and innovative technique Jacob’s Cream Crackers have been, and remain, the classic cracker brand using the same special baking techniques used in 1885, to make crackers with a distinctive crispy outside and slightly softer textured centre, and a classic yeasty dough flavour.

Jacob’s offer a full range of crackers for every occasion and topping, including Choice Grain multigrain crackers, the Cornish Wafer puff crackers. Savours baked wheat crackers flavoured with delicious ingredients and classic Water Biscuits baked to a dark, nutty finish.

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