Product Packaging Type Shelf Life Container
Biscoff Brotaufstrich Crunchy 380g 8 x 380g Pack 2244 Biscuits
Biscoff Brotaufstrich Classic 400g 8 x 400g Pack 2244 Biscuits
Biscoff 250g 10 x 250g Pack 1100 Biscuits
Biscoff 25x1 St. 12 x 154g Pack 924 Biscuits
Kuchenschnitten 7 St. 8 x 200g Pack 1584 Biscuits
Biscoff mit Schokolade 12 x 154g Pack 1848 Biscuits

Coffee lover? Then be a Lotus Biscoff lover!!! Grab each bite to complete your cravings...


Please see full table for full details and packaging available through Sutaka.